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Nearly 1.5 million Australian adults don’t have their drivers licence. This can be a byproduct of language barriers, disability, anxiety and other life circumstances.
It can actually even be a medical condition called Amaxophobia. 

Find Your Drive is a social initiative that helps adults across Australia overcome personal barriers to getting their driver’s licence. Partnering with Toyota we created a new three stage pilot program specifically designed to combat driving anxiety in adults. Through one-on-one sessions with driving instructors, support counsellors, and VR road safety experts, we documented four adult learners as they faced their driving fears and in the end, all obtained their probationary licence. 

The three-part documentary was launched with the initiative forming an integrated campaign set to challenge and inspire Australians to find their drive and download an information pack on Toyota’s website, which contained further advice and support, customised their own programs, as well as contact information to help them connect with counsellors, VR driving schools and driving schools specialising in anxiety. 

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