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Recent research has uncovered that shockingly 71% of male gamers ignore harassment online. In a place where everyone can easily hide their identity, many fail to recognise that there is a real person behind the avatar they are competing with.

​To shift perspectives and get males reconsidering who they're talking to online, we produced an emotion-provoking social activation where male gamers were invited to test a new multi-player game. What they didn't know was that we were actually testing them.

​Unbeknownst to them we inserted female gamers, that were friends and family of the male gamers, into the same game. These female gamers were friends or relatives of the male players. With the female permissions and acknowledgement we allowed abuse and harassment to be hurled in their direction during game play. As predicted the male gamers stayed silent and failed to stand up to the abused gamers. 

The social experiment was documented as a 3 minute social film and acted as a reminder that there is a real person on the other side of the game and abuse can target a friend, partner, sister or daughter. The film was broadcast during a national Fortnite gaming tournament with top players streaming to their millions of followers. 

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